If you have lost a pet in Fulton County, please visit Fulton County Animal Services as soon as possible to see if we have your pet. We receive animals from all over the County seven days a week. Due to the large number of impounded animals and because so many animals look alike, we cannot tell you over the phone if we have your animal or from what location a particular pet was picked up. Lost and stray animals will be held for only three days, therefore, if your pet goes missing, it is important that you should visit the shelter every day, especially in the first few days.  

Between shelter visits, view photos of the pets our shelter daily to see if you recognize your pet. Not all pets are pictured and this is not a substitute for visiting the shelter. If you see your pet online, please call us at 404-613-0358 to let us know and come to our shelter immediately to reclaim him or her!

You should also have identification on your animals with updated and accessible contact information.

Bring your driver's license or other government-issued photo ID and proof of ownership (for example, a photo of your pet or recent vet bill) in order to reclaim your pet.

Please note that we name all animals on intake, so you may see your own pet listed with a different name on our website.

Tips for Finding Your Lost Pet

  • Visit our shelter right away and then again every three to four days.  View pictures of pets on our website everyday.
  • Hang 1/2 poster board brightly colored signs at major intersections within a 3-5 mile radius of where the pet was lost. Use extremely large lettering with minimal info. Ex:  LOST SMALL WHITE MALE DOG Call 404-xxx-xxxx. Duct tape can be wrapped around poles to affix the signs.
  • Hang letter size flyers with your pet's picture at veterinary offices and pet supply stores.
  • Send out emails to neighbors with pictures of your pet and make Facebook postings.
  • If your pet is microchipped/tagged/licensed, make sure the chip company, veterinarian or county has your correct contact information.
  • Don't give up! Continue to look for your pet for at least a month.
  • When your pet is found, keep a collar and ID tag on him or her at all times and microchip as a backup.